How to setup the Remote Workshop for your Orion system

Get Web Interface activated.

You will first need to contact us to activate this add-on


  User Setup
     Standard user setup
     Technician user setup
     Timeclock user setup
  Login Process
     First time login
     To Login
  Q & A



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User Setup

The users are set up within Orion. The user requires the “Web Interface” option selected and a valid email address.

The email address is used to validate the user (2 step authentication) and also to reset the user’s password.

Every new device used requires validation and activation (via email).

Timeclock users log directly into the timeclock screen where normal users log into the Workshop, much like a desktop user.

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Standard user setup

In desktop Orion, go to Accounts Module -> Maintenance (top left hand corner) -> System setup -> Users (in the middle).

Enter the following information in Orion user setup:

1. Password

Must be 8 characters long

2. Unique email address.

Must be unique

3. Tick "web interface" on the bottom right-hand corner.
4. If ticked Orion will use the default email address to send emails


Example: of a normal Web workshop user

Image 17-1


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Technician user setup

The default technician for the user you are logged in as (in Orion) is set up in the Workshop tab.

This allows the user to filter Jobs in Remote Workshop by the technician code e.g. view their own jobs only, clock in/out within the job screen.


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Timeclock user setup

This is the same as the normal workshop users except don’t tick the Workshop tick box.

Timeclock users do not count as a user license

A unique email address is still required

image 19

This is what the Time-clocking will look like in the Web display:

If you want to set up the Timeclock user for a specific workshop then,

1. Tick the Workshop tick box
2. Select the default Department
    a. This helps you see which workshop has been selected.
3. Select Security
4. Choose the Workshop department
5. Untick Workshop - this ensures you don't increase your user count

Image 19_2

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Login Process

In the Address bar type in the URL:

Remote Workshop requires the browser locational services to be enabled, if it is not then the user can’t log in. This is enforced!


The URL to be used for the Remote Workshop website must start with HTTPS.

If a user has blocked the Location or is somehow using an insecure URL e.g. HTTP then the warning below will display


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First time log in:

(everyone has a first time)

The first time a user logs into a device the screen below displays to authenticate the user.


It sends an email link like below.


Click on the Link To approve the login

The link cannot be used twice or an error will display

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To Log in:

Image 24

1. Make sure your keycode is entered here

The keycode is supplied by SAM, if you do not know this please check with support by calling 09 583 2455, fill out this form or emailing us at

2. Enter your email address
3. Type your password here.


  • A Web Interface enabled user cannot log into the Desktop and Web at the same time.
  • You can log in using the same browser (i.e. Chrome) multiple times on the same PC when using one system login.
  • If you change to another device or browser (i.e. Firefox or MS Edge) there will be a warning and you will be kicked out from the first login.

Example of a user logged into the Web and trying to log into the desktop


What the Web login see’s


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Q & A

Q: The device location has been blocked, how can I change the setting?

A: On iPad tablets go to Settings -> General -> Privacy -> Location Services to activate.

A2: On Android devices go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> Move the location service slider to on/green.

Q: A warning message came up saying I have not set up as a web interface user when I try to log into Remote Workshop?


A: This warning will display on the Web login screen if the user hasn’t been flagged as a “Web Interface” user. Please go back to your Orion under user setup and tick "web interface" for this user.

Q: I have forgotten my Remote Workshop password? How can I reset it?

A: There is a password reset option on the login page.


It will send a reset password link to your email addresss


Click the link and follow the instructions to reset the password.