Changes to SAM X (6012)


1.   Xero Contact Issue (DR#8650)

We have changed the contact method when uploading invoices to Xero.

  • If the contact has been identified as Archive in Xero, SAM will generate a new contact and upload to Xero together with the invoice.
  • If the contact does not have associated GUID in the customer.tps file, SAM will firstly check Xero to find corresponding contact, if the name matches then it will then link and upload the invoice to that contact. Otherwise it will create a new contact and upload to Xero.
  • If in the situation you receive the Error email - “Another contact has this contact number. Please enter a different contact number.” Or “The existing contact with name 'customer' cannot be updated to use new name 'customer1'. There is an existing contact with that name.”

You can go into System > Xero GL Batches > Check Contact

This will display the SAM and Xero contacts.  

The SAM keycode/name comes through in the first field.  The second field is the Xero contact that SAM is linked to (which has a different Xero name).   The last field has the same contact name in Xero as it has in SAM but the GUID is different.

You will need to choose either to ‘Update SAM Contact Name’ or to ‘Copy Xero GUID to SAM’.

From the example below:

  • Update SAM Contact Name will change SAM Name to “test cust”.

  • Copy Xero GUID to SAM will copy test2’s GUID back to SAM and replace the old one, so test cust2 in SAM will have the GUID b89b762b-25e9-4693-b

Once you have completed this, then try and manually post the batch.

2. Creditor’s Invoice Screen (DR#8606)

We have changed the Purchase Order screen to contain a simplified version of the creditors invoice screen.  Once an order has been received, click on the ‘Finalize and Exit’ button.  This will bring up a new screen, here you can view the creditors invoice total (note that we only send the GST exclusive value and Xero will recalculate it), add a reference (this is replacing the comment field we used to use to put in the creditors invoice number) if required and change the invoice date (note that you wont be able to put in a date before the lock date, and the default will be today’s date).  

The lock date in red below gets updated every time the Xero task schedular runs (on a daily basis).  

This should eliminate the error that you usually receive for period lock dates as they are now unable to backdate any purchase orders, and also the user can now select the supplier’s invoice date accordingly.

Also, after a part gets returned back to the sub account (supplier) and then the PO gets finalized, then the credit note will go directly to the head account in Xero.   There will also be a note against the head account stating that the items have been returned by that specific sub account (DR#8460)


3. Expense purchase order issue (DR#8623)

We now only display expense GL codes when adding an expense line on a purchase order.  This will eliminate a customer selecting another GL code such as the Sales GL code which was initially giving us ‘input tax’ errors.

Also, we have limited customer to only select the expense GL code that has an external link to a Xero GL code. If they try to select a SAM’s GL code that does not link to a Xero GL code it will show an error message.



4.  Part Description (DR#8613)

Part descriptions are now mandatory.  A part cannot be added without putting in a description.  This will eliminate the Xero errors when sending up an invoice with a part against it.


5.   POS Receipt Issue (DR#8811)

POS receipts were not able to upload to Xero when another bill used the same reference number.  Now we are posting all POS invoices and POS Receipt with the suffix ‘-P’.  This will ensure SAM is looking at the correct invoice for outstanding balances.