This article will guide you through how to clean up your stock This will reduce your stock listing to items that you use on a regular basis.


!! Make sure you have done a back-up prior to a Stock file Cleanup !!


1. Go to Maintenance -> System Setup

2. Click on Helpdesk Contract -> Stock File Cleanup

This will show the Stock File Cleanup utility filters

Select the filters that apply to you

NB with #5 below: You will NOT be able to remove any stock items that have a transaction within the last year

3. Click OK

Pressing OK here will only identify Part numbers and produce a list



4. Double click on any part which you wish to keep. This will change the 'status' to Keep and the part will remain in your stock.

If you wish to you can Print a list for your records.

Press OK when ready

After completing the Stock File Cleanup all parts with a status of "Delete" will be (wait for it) deleted.


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