This article will guide you on how to move an existing car number plate to a new car

In SAM the Registration number is considered the Vehicles unique identifier - its Keycode



How to Change a Rego Number


In SAM click on Vehicle Enquiry (1) > Highlight the existing vehicle that has the number plate (2) > click on Change (3)



Click on Change Keycode (1) > Enter the new Keycode (3) and press OK (4) and the Rego will change

The old Keycode (2) will be pre-filled

A - Please note this warning - you are changing a KEY piece of information

SAM will go through a number of tables in the background (customer, invoices, Jobs etc) and change them, there will be issues if someone else is also in the process of changing or editing them

Possible problems you may encounter

Error "This Keycode exists!"

This means that the Keycode (rego #) is already being used on another vehicle.

You will need to change THAT VEHICLE FIRST - use the steps above.



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