This article will explain how to credit an invoice in Orion, with the option of doing a partial credit and modifying text.

Crediting an Invoice is a two step process:

Workshop Module Credit

Go to Workshop > Invoices &

1. Highlight the invoice you wish to credit

2. Click Credit Invoice.

From here you can either credit the full invoice or you can select items which you don't wish to be credited by tagging them.

You can also use the Modify Line button to modify text on that line which will display on the credit.


Issue Credit

Tag & delete what you DON'T want to credit 

1. Tag: Double click on the transaction

2. Delete: Click "Delete Tagged" (shocker right?).

3. Date: Ensure that this is correct.

4. Click "Issue Credit".

NB: The amount in RED (Top right) will be credited

Example of a full Credit (nothing deleted yet):

Example of a Partial credit (with lines deleted)

Note the difference between the Invoice and Credit columns

Pressing "Issue Credit" will create a Job

The system marks any parts etc credited in the background and they will NOT be able to be credited again.


Invoice the Credit Job


Feel free to add text to explain things or for the customer, but it is suggested NOT to add any more parts etc to credits for auditing purposes

It will be easier for anyone looking back to trace what was done if the credit only contains credit lines.


Click on the INVOICE button to finalise the credit:



You have now Credited an Invoice  

Invoice Listing

Once invoiced the credit will appear in the Invoice Listing in red:


You will see a reference to the original Invoice in the credit Invoice:



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