Wondering how to create a or edit a technician? Maybe change an hourly rate? - Here's how

Make sure you have all the Labour Categories needed for the technicians before starting.

See [SAM] - Creating Labour Categories/Rates for further details

Go to Maintenance > Technicans

At the end of every day & if using Time clocking - Check this listing as it will show you if anyone is still clocked on when they shouldn't be



Technician Set-up

The set-up (using the Insert or Change button) for each Technician is separated into 4 different tabs:

  1. General
  2. Profile
  3. Clocking &
  4. Photo


  1. Keycode - the unique identifier, suggested to keep it simple
  2. Name - hopefully you know this
  3. Employee No - not 100 % necessary  - only used to keep an external systems number
  4. Type - there are 5 options available here: Technician (mechanics), Supervisor, Apprentice, Groomer & Other
    1. NB: "Other" technicians will be excluded from Labour reports
  5. Technician % - how much of the day is the technician spending working on jobs
    1. This is important for the Diary, working out how full the day is and how productive the technician is.
  6.  Fixed labour Category - Tick if you want to fix the technician to only one labour category
    1. If ticked it will open a list of Labour Categories
  7. Mobile - enter if known, this number can be used to text your technician from various areas in SAM
  8. Not Active - Tick this if you let the Technician leave you.

More on #5 Above & Productivity
Productivity is based on the technician % i.e. if a tech has an 8 hour shift and works 4 hours
With 100% entered they are 50% productive
With 50% entered they are 100% productiv


Standard times are entered for each day of the week - this will affect the availability of the technician

Overtime is not entered here unless you ALWAYS give overtime on specific days 

It is not necessary to type the time as you see it here.
EG - type "8", then Tab to the next field and 8:00AM is entered
"0830" and 8:30AM is entered
"13" and 1:00PM is entered
 Generally shift 2 will be after lunch


This is used for Timeclocking

  1. Technicians set with 100% should always have this ticked
    1. They will then be forced to either clock onto another job or go onto a non job
    2. See Labour Categories/Rates for further information on Labour Categories
  2. This will show what the Technician is clocked onto
  3. Easy way to clear them off the technician.
NB: This will NOT leave a record on the Job - it will clear it completely


You will be able to see any photo added in the clocking screen.

Technician Rates - Updating/Changing


Technicians will only be able to use rates that are entered here

Highlight the Technician (1) and click on Rates (2)

Maintain a Rate

  1. Select the Category/Rate
  2. How much does it cost you - see Real Cost of an Hour for further information.
  3. How much will you charge your customer

A. It is easiest to enter the rates Per hour

It is STRONGLY recommended that you have a very good understanding of the real cost of your technicians - this isn't only the hourly rate




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