This article will enhance your understanding why your system may be running sluggishly

Applies to: All SAM systems and Orion up to and including version 3.010

Does NOT apply to any Hosted sites

  1. Do you turn off your computer?  It is a good practice to turn off ore restart your computer on a regular basis.
  2. Check your disk space on your computer and Server.
    When there isn't enough disk space, performance will be impacted.
  3. Your Anti Virus might be scanning SAM files.   Get your IT people to exclude the following files:
  4. For SAM: SAMWIN
    For Orion: Systime
    1. On the server this is normally in the Root directory (C drive)
    2. For Workstations this is normally a mapped network drive, SAM is typically mapped to S Drive, while Orion is typically mapped to O Drive
  5. Get your IT person to Restart the SERVER.  A Restart of your server clears off the current state of the software and starts over again. 
  6. Your network might be slow, get your IT person to check this.
SAM and Orion up to and including version 3.010 uses a lot of Bandwidth and will highlight any issues in your network, including minor ones.

Make sure that all PC's have set their Ethernet network speed to 1Gbps - Check with your local IT hardware support on ways to do this.
You must NOT use a WiFi connection.

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