This article will guide you on how to add contacts in a company so you can email them invoices or statements - all at the same time (YAY).

In any Module 

Click on Maintenance > Customer (1) > Highlight the customer (2)> click on Change (3)


Click on General (1) > More (2) > Insert (3)


Additional contact Maintenance is split into three different tabs, two of which are important with emailing:

  1. General & 
  2. Email Setup 

1. General Tab:

The most important information in the General Tab is the Name (3) and (what we all came here for) Email (4)

Other details can be entered as needed

2. Email Setup

Tick the boxes 3 to 4 as required for each contact.

Email Invoice (3) -  You are able to send Invoices for specific Modules (Workshop, Parts etc) and/or further refine it by Department (location).

This is helpful if the contact only wants invoices from one Workshop or location, not all of them.



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