This Document will help the user understanding document export process from SAM/Orion to local computers.


Preview Invoice to be exported

To export an invoice from SAM/Orion,

  1. Go to Invoice listing and select an invoice to Export
  2. Click on the Print button and tick Print Preview check box.

1.1 Exporting an Invoice to S: (SAM) or O: (Orion) Drive


1. Click on Little PDF button on the top
2. Click on Browse button next to the path on the next Screen 
3. Select the appropriate Drive O: for Orion and S: for SAM from the drop-down list.

4. Select the correct export locations and click ok to save the file.

1.2 Export the file to local computer – Using Citrix File Explorer 

This function allows you to save your exported files from SAM/Orion on to your local desktop.

It is important to note that there are two environments here
1. The hosted Citrix environment &
2. Your local network environment

You cannot transfer files from the Citrix environment using your local file explorer

You must use the Citrix Orion or SAM File Explorer shortcut on your desktop to copy any files to your local PC first

1. Double Click on the Orion/SAM File Explorer icon on your desktop.

2. Browse through the exported file location in the next window and copy the file.

3. Browse the location on your local computer where you want to save the file and paste the file in there. i.e. C:\ or Specific folder/location on your computer.

See [Citrix] How to archive/move data from CITRIX to a LOCAL Computer for more information

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