A check for updates is performed with the FIRST log-on for the day

It is very important that these updates are completed on your system at your earliest convenience to keep you up to date with all the new features and bug fixed

This article goes through the steps to Update SAM from after version 6008

Please contact us if you are using a version below 6008
Check out this Knowledgebase Article on how to check your version


Confirm everyone is logged out of SAM FIRST

You MUST make sure that ALL users are logged out of SAM before starting to upgrade/update the system

All Sites

Check active users: [SAM] Check Active users

If Not Hosted

Not Hosted Sites: The SAM application MUST be closed/logged off from from each PC/workstation. An extra step to ensure updates complete without any issues is to shut down all workstations.

If hosted with us via Citrix 

Citrix hosted sites: You MUST close the application BEFORE closing the citrix connection.
  • SAM is still open and has a connection to the database if this isn't done and the update WILL NOT HAPPEN without errors

As an extra precaution it is suggested you close/sign out of the Citrix Workspace on each PC before starting the upgrade process

Look at the "systray" (Icons to he left of your clock) and locate the Citrix Icon (2), then click on Sign Out (3)

Running the Update

1. Check a backup is being done

        This is set automatically and there should not be any need to change this 

2. Click on Update 

Confirm you want to proceed 

Once backup is finished it will open the Wizard Screen, Click Next.

Choose Next again as it shows the space required and destination installed.

Last step will prompt you to click on Finish, 


You will be taken back to the login screen after finishing

Auto Update Setup

Depending on your settings you can get an alert to Update every day, week or month.

Go to Help (1) > Check for Updates (2)

3. Check Frequency

4. Check Now

       This will check for updates and enable you to run it

It is suggested that updates are checked on a regular basis - this will ensure you keep up to date with any development
If the check has been done and an update is available but not performed then "Help" (1) & "Check for Updates" (2) will be RED

To contact support:

Contact Support:
PH: 09 583 2455 
Email: samsupport@sam.co.nz
Web: Click on THIS LINK

NB: Calls outside normal support hours (Mon to Fri 07:30 to 17:30) are subject to extra charges

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