This article goes through the process of changing the Average Cost and/or the Last Cost for a stocked item.



The On Hand figure must be zero to change the Average Cost and/or Last Cost 

This will have have an impact on your stock valuations and may affect your GL reports  


To view the stock item

1. Select Maintenance > Stock

a) Highlight the correct stock item and click on Change.

Adjust the stock to zero

2. Select Adjustment.

In this example we will need to decrease the on-hand figure by one


a) AD+ will INCREASE your On Hand quantity

b) AD- will DECREASE your On Hand quantity (which is what we will use).

c) Select OK to Save the stock Adjustment change then OK to save the change to the stock file.

You will need to close and re-open the Maintain Stock window 

Adjust the Average and/or Last cost figures


Re-opening the stocked item will show that the Average and Last cost will no longer be greyed out and are now available to adjust 


3. Enter in the correct cost prices then click OK to save your changes.

Adjust the required stock back on

Physically check for the number of items you actually have on the shelf.

Make sure that the correct cost is entered. 


4. You will then need to do another Adjustment to adjust the stock back on.

SAM will now recalculate your stock value based on your new on hand quantity and cost price.


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