This article will go through how to send information and/or lists to File

Throughout SAM and Orion you will see a button called "Send to File" most of the time this is at the bottom of a list, like Add/Maintain Jobs (WIP) or Customer

When this button is clicked you will get several options:

  1. Where do you want the result to go to
  2. What format you want the file in
    1. NB: You cannot use Word or Excel if hosted by us
  3. Select if you wish to preview the file
    1. Not suggested for Hosted sites
  4. Generally not suggested - it's a good idea to know what the information is about
  5. Where the file is going to be saved
    1. Make a note of this so you can find it or change it to a location you can get to easily
    2. Hosted sites will need to save to the Citrix hosting environment and then move to their local PC first 

If hosted you will need to transfer the file from the hosted environment to your local PC

See: 1.2 Export the file to local computer – Using Citrix File Explorer