SAM has several packages to suit different type of customers.


 Workmate / Workmate+ & Supermate

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SAM Lite/Lite+ is the basic SAM packages to help the customers do the daily basic workshop operations:

  • Invoicing
  • Stock Control
  • Purchase Orders
  • Debtors
  • Banking screen
  • Item maintenance and Follow-up reminders.
  • Basic Workshop reports
  • Cashbook facility(Lite+)


SAMX is an integrated packaged between SAM and Xero software. The workshop operations will be handle in SAM, and the financial side will be handle in Xero.

The SAM Package includes:

  • Invoicing
  • stock Control
  • Purchase Orders
  • Item Maintenance and Follow-up reminders
  • Workshop reports
  • Multi-users


SAM Workmate/Workmate+/Supermate is the advanced package offers more functionality to the customers: 

  • All features in SAM LITE
  • Multi-users
  • Quotes
  • Additional workshop features like Split Invoicing, Job Kit, diary, Loan vehicle facility etc.
  • Creditors (Supermate)
  • Cashbook facility (Workmate+ / Supermate)
  • Management reports


SAM Elite is the ultimate SAM package that has all the main features.

  • All features in SAM Supermate
  • General Ledger and Financial Reports


We have many more addons that can add into the packages, please contact for more information.