How to create a Suggested Buy to automatically create Purchase Orders for Parts setup with Minimum and Maximum re-order quantities.



Stock Set-up

Stock items will not appear on a suggested buy without quantities entered in Min Stock (2) and Max Stock (3).

1. The Suggested Buy will use the current On-Hand and On-Order Quantities to calculate what stock needs to be ordered based on the Min Stock and Max Stock Quantities.

2. In the Min Stock Field enter the Min amount of Stock that to be held in the Inventory before it will need to be re-ordered.

On Hand will need to fall BELOW this figure to be on the suggested buy listing

3. In the Max Stock field enter the Maximum amount of Stock to be held in the Inventory.


Question: How many items will be ordered in a suggested buy for the item above?
Answer below

Creating the Suggested Buy

In Sam got to Misc (1) > Suggested Buy (2) to display the Suggested Buy Listing browse window.
From the Suggested Buy Listing select Create Suggested Buy (3).


1. Select the Supplier using the browse button to display the Supplier Listing. 

- For or a single supplier: Make sure the From Supplier and To Supplier fields are the same Supplier. 

- For All Suppliers leave the From Supplier and To Supplier fields blank.

2.  Select the Stock Analysis Group using the browse button to display the Stock Analysis Group Listing.

- For a single Analysis Group make sure the From Analysis Group and To Analysis Group are the same Stock Analysis Group.

- For All Stock Analysis Groups leave the From Analysis Group and To Analysis Group fields blank.

3.  Select the Stock Types to be included in the Suggested Buy.  Select Both to include Both Materials and Parts.

4. Select OK to proceed with creating the Suggested Buy Listing.


Suggested Buy Listing

Displayed will be a list of Stock base on Min and Max Quantities and what Stock is currently On Hand and On Order is Suggested to be Re Ordered.

1.  By highlighted a selected Stock Item and Selecting Sales this will display the Parts Sales History of the Stock Item.

2. Part Maintenance will display the Maintain Stock browse window for the selected Stock Item this way you can check the current On Hand Quantities and what is currently On Order and also the Min/ Max Stock Quantities and can then make any changes needed.

3. Highlighting a Stock Item and Selecting Change will display the Maintain Suggested Buy browse window which will allow you to change the Supplier and Reorder Quantity.

4. Delete will Deleted the highlighted Stock Item from the Suggested Buy Listing.  

5. Clear Suggested Buy will clear the current Suggested Buy and allow for the new Suggested Buy to be Created.

6. Creates the Purchase Order from the Suggested Buy Listing

Yes - To Create the Purchase Order or the Selected Suppliers

No - Will exit back to the Suggested Buy Listing

Once the order is created it will display in the Purchase Order Listing browse window.  The orders created from a Suggested Buy will display Created from Suggested Buy in the Comment.

7. Select Print


Yes - To Print a Detailed Suggested Buy Listing 

No - To Print a Summary Suggested Buy Listingck to question




This is because the On hand figure is the same as the minimum number.

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