How to use the NZTA Data Feed from Orion

To use the NZTA Data Feed - this needs to be activated by SAM Computers.  This is a free Add On within your Orion system and you are charged per check.


Price per check as at 27.07.23 (prices are subject to change as per NZTA):

Check Price/Check 
Short  $                0.41
Basic  $                2.15
Full* $                8.30
Current Owner*  $                3.05
PPSR*  $                4.00

* This requires your RMVT number

Click HERE to request this add-on

How to use NZTA Data Feed

You can do checks from two areas within the system.

1. Vehicle Enquiry

Select the vehicle and double click on 'NZTA Data'

2. Misc menu

Under MISC > NZTA Enquiry.  You will need to enter the Rego or VIN number

Both options will take you to the following screen, where you will choose the Report you would like:

  1. the options available here will depend on your subscription to NZTA
  2. You must tick "I Agree" before being able to proceed
  3. Click on Proceed

A: If you have already done a check on a vehicle, you will see 'Show Previous' button and you will be able to view the previous data.

You will see the following page and then be able to tab through the information:


The following page will show and you can select the data that you would like to download by tagging.  If you do not want to change then 'Untag' the options.