How to send out WOF and Service reminders

Sending Followups on a regular basis is a proven way of generating repeat business and improving customer loyalty and satisfactionThe first step is to go to Reports > Marketing Reports > Vehicle Followup Report.


From here, you'll see the Vehicle Followup Report screen. You can filtered the list by date, find specific ones using the Search field, or Sort Order to focus on what you care about.


Select the followups you want by clicking the tick box in the Tagged column, OR use the Tag button at the bottom of the screen to automatically select multiple vehicle followups.

  • All - yep, that means everything in the list.
  • Email - only remind customers with a valid email address.
  • SMS - only remind customers with a mobile number.
  • Method - these options select customers based on their preferred communication method, which is set up against each customer in the Maintain Customer screen.
  • Sent - this selects reminders that the system has marked as having been Sent to the customer previously, so you can follow up again in case they missed your email.


Once you have tagged the reminders you want to send, you have the following options on the bottom right of the screen.

  • Excel Export - This is just in case you want to use this data elsewhere.
  • Print - This gives you a report with customer and vehicle details (including followup due date), contact details, and recent work undertaken on the vehicle.
  • SMS - This will display the list of selected followup able to receive SMS messages, and shows a preview of the message.

SMS Tip - you can schedule SMS booking reminder messages in advance, using the 'Delayed' tick-box at the bottom of this screen, then specify the date and time you want them sent, before clicking the Send button

  • Email - This displays a list of customers with an email.  When ready, simply click Send on the bottom right.