We will show you how to export a customer list from SAM


Export the file

In SAM go to Utilities (1) > Export (2) > Customers (3)

4. Select the Field needed in the left panel5. Click on Add
6. Tick "Include header record with field names"
     Click on OK

Save the file

1. Browse to a location that is easy to find
2. Name the file
NB: ALWAYS make sure there is ".csv" after the file name - That is dot csv

3. Save the file

Clean up

You may need to clean up the file using Excel


This will export ALL customers from your database, if this is being used for a Bulk SMS you only want to have customers with a mobile phone number.

Open the file in Excel, sort by Mobile and delete the rows with no Mobile number

Remove Duplicates

It is also a good idea to remove any duplicates - use the below link for an article created by Microsoft:

How to find & remove duplicates