Here we will learn how to create and complete a stock-take

Usually stocktakes are performed at least once a year (typically at the end of the financial year)

However it is also useful to carry out stocktakes during the year to ensure stock figures are correct, often being broken down into various groups rather than doing a full stocktake of all stock items at once
It is suggested you complete a Stock File Cleanup prior to starting a stocktake

NOTE: if you are doing a "year end" stocktake you need to finish the stocktake in SAM no later than the actual year end date.  Otherwise adjustments will be dated in the new financial year.




Create a Stocktake

Go to Misc (1) > Stocktake (2) > Create Stocktake (3):

This list can be displayed by different sort orders:

Counted: This can make it easier to find what hasn't been counted - more on this below
Bin Location


The stocktake can be filtered to specify certain types of stock, these typically need to be maintained in each stock item

1. Specify a range or certain Supplier
2. Specify the analysis group such as oils, filters etc
3. Specify the location of the stock.
4. What type of stock are you counting
a. It is best to keep this on both
5. Parked invoices are used when you have the Point of Sale module and sell parts across the counter 

Processing the Stocktake

When the stocktake is created more buttons are available across the bottom:

The steps taken to complete a stocktake are:

1. Print the sheets
2. Enter the count
3. Print the changes
4. Update Stock

Honorable mention: Export/Import

1. Printing the Sheets:


   1. Sort by: What sort order you want the list to be printed by
2. Print on Hand: This is up to you

It has been seen in the past that the people counting have cut corners when the on hand figures are included - It's easier to say "That looks the same" rather than actually count the items.

   3. Page Break:  Only available when not sorting by Part Number
4. Large Spacing: This will make it easier for the people counting to read and enter figures

2. Enter the count

1. Double click on the first part
2. Enter the number counted
3. Press enter

- You should not use your mouse for this process - enter the number counted, press enter and the next part will come up until you have reached the end of the list
- The Bin location can be updated here as well - use the Tab key to get there

3. Print Changes

This is the only time you will ever be able to see what has changed for this stocktake alone

Print the report, save it as a pdf, file it

You are able to print a Stock Adjustment report - and this will print all adjustments for a specified date range

4. Update Stock

There will be two warnings (do you really really want to?):

1. Asking if you have printed the changes report,
2. Asking if you really want to update the stock. 

If you get the message: "Not all parts are counted"

Sort by Countered and all the items with 999,999.99 (i.e. uncounted) will be at the bottom:

Honorable mention: Export/Import

This button may not be available - if you want it, go to Maintenance > System Set > General > Stock and enter a "Stocktake Export Format"

This will enable you to export stock into a text file in a location that you can specify, and also import a list of counted stock as well - also using a text file from a location you can specify.

CipherLab8000 will use the following Export format:

Partnumber, On Hand, Barcode, Description, Bin Location, Last Cost, Retail price
0000 000 1005,11.00,2010328992037,STIHL Part,,18.00,20.00

And will expect the following Import format

Barcode, Keycode, Count

This functionality is normally used in conjunction with a stocktake scanner
Please contact us if you would like more information on this


Due to programming changes the options and windows when printing sheets have changed - see printing sheets above for the correct information


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