These instructions are for installing and configuring the Citrix Receiver for your Windows Operating System.




Download Citrix Workspace app for Windows from this URL:

  1. Click on the latest Citrix app
  2. Click on "Download Citrix Workspace App for Windows"

The install file CitrixWorkspaceapp.exe will appear in the download folder. This may varies depending on the browser you're using on your pc.

Click on the downloaded file citrixworkspaceapp.exe to start the installation process.


Follow the prompts as necessary to install  

NB: Do not select "Enable Single Sign-on"


After the installation is completed you will have the option to add an account:

NB: if you clicked on Finish by mistake - KEEP CALM right click on the Citrix Icon (blue icon) down the bottom right and click on open.

Add account

  1. Enter
  2. Click on Add
  3. Enter the supplied User name and Password

This will Launch the Citrix Workspace where you can run your applications.

There will also be application shortcuts created on your Desktop



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