How to set-up Time Clocking

System Setup

Labour Category Setup

Make sure that all the non-jobs you need are entered -

See [SAM] - Creating Labour Categories/Rates for further information

Suggested Non Jobs:

Cleaning, R&M (Repairs and Maintenance), Holiday, Sick Leave, Training, Lunch and Early Finish.

Technician Setup

Make sure that the following has been setup in technician Maintenance & the Technician Availability has been entered

1.General #5 - Technician %
2.Profile - is it filled in?
3.Clocking #1 - Continuous ticked?
4.Add the non jobs created as per above

Important Notes:

  • Technician availability needs to be maintained, as differences from the techs standard hours effects the Labour Hours Summary Report.
  • Non Job Labour categories effect the productivity on the Labour Hours Summary Report depending if a Type is selected or not
  • Technician transactions can be modified
  • Time Clocking postings should be written Off/Up on the job to get correct hours charged on the job and to keep the productivity for the Technician correct
  • Any jobs with Time Clock postings that are credited will affect the productivity of the technician.
    • It is suggested that an internal job is created to post these transactions onto
  • Manual Labour postings affect the Technicians productivity

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