How to allow 3rd party apps or generate application passwords for Gmail accounts

The steps to set up applications are the following. Please keep in mind that these steps must be completed in the admin account.


Open "Manage your Google Account" 

Click on your account icon then clicking on the "Manage your Google Account" 

Click on the security option on the left.

"Less Secure Apps" 

If you want this turned on scroll to the bottom of the security window and click : Turn on access in the "Less Secure Apps" section.

2-step verification

If less secured apps is already turned on and the email is still not working then you will have to turn on "2-Step Verification"  This option is located near the top of this page

Information screen

Once you have clicked on the "2-Step Verification"  you will be presented with an informational screen where you must select get started.

Login screen

The next window is a login screen where you will have to confirm your account email.

Send Verification code

Once you have confirmed the password it will take you to the window to add the cell number to which the verification code will be sent. When you have entered the number click next.

Send the text message

On the next window it will give you a field that needs the code that will be sent as a text message to be entered. Once it has been entered, click next.

Turn on

Then on the next window click "TURN ON" on the next window.

Final window

Then on the final window for turning on the "2-Step Verification" click on the arrow to return to the security settings window. 

App Passwords

Once "2-Step Verification" is turned on and you are back in the security window. Select the option for "App Passwords"

Confirm your email account

The next window is a login screen where you will have to confirm your account email.

App Passwords

The next window you will be presented with the window to add app passwords, click on the dropdown box and select other.

App Name

Once you have selected other you can type in the APP name for which you are generating the password. Then click the "GENERATE" Button

Copy the password

You will be presented with your new App password here you can highlight the password, by right clicking and selecting copy or using the key combination "Ctrl"+"C". Once you have copied the password click done.

NB: this is THE ONLY time you will be able to see this password
You will NOT be able to open to view this password again
If you need to check the password a new one will need to be generated

Paste the password into your system

The final step is to paste this password into your system using keyboard combination "Ctrl"+"V" 

In Orion 

The email password can be found in the Accounts module under 



The email password can be found under


In Synergy 

The password can be found under



For more information refer to this Google FAQ link.

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