This article will go over how to log-in for the first time and give a brief over-view on what can be done in it.


Who can access the Portal?

All SAM, Orion and Synergy customers will be able to use the email address that is setup in their account with us (Auxo)

Customers will also be able to create a new account if their email isn't in the system

Accessing the Portal for the first time.

Whenever a ticket is created you will receive an email with a link to it in the Portal

You can also go to the Portal by clicking on one of these links:

You can access the Portal using any device.

(1) Login

1.    Click on Forgot your password

2.    Enter your email address

3.    Click on RESET MY PASSWORD 

An email will be sent to you, click on the link inside to enter your new password:

Your password should:
    - Contain at least 8 characters
    - Not contain the username
    - Be different from your last password
    - Contain at least 1 alphabet and 1 number

We don't have your email in the system

If after submitting your email address in "Forgot my password" above and you dont get an email, this is probably because the email address used isnt in our system, in cases like this please sign up with us.

Sign up with us


Contact support on +64 9 587 2455 or email with the following information:



Email address