A feature of SAM allows you to send additional attachments with emailed statements and Invoices



You will first need to have the documents that you want to send along with your statements and/or invoices

It is suggested that they are in a pdf format

Non Hosted SAM customers


Files and folders:

Open your hosted file explorer (see THIS ARTICLE for information on terminologies)


Explore to the "Shared Folder"

For SAM sites this will be: This PC > Data (S:) > SiteKeycode > SharedFolders >

For Orion sites this will be: This PC > Data (O:) > SiteKeycode > SharedFolders >

Create a folder called "Attachments" and paste the files into it.

While using the Citrix file explorer:

  • Copy the files you want to have attached 
  • Paste them into the "Attachments" folder

SAM Set-up

In SAM go to Maintenance > System Setup > Forms and click on Attachments.

Type in "..\SharedFolders\Attachments\file name"

Relative file locations

You know what they say "everything is relative" - the same can be said with a file location - it is relative from where you start, and you start from where you execute the program, in the case of SAM that is wherever "SAM.exe" is, yes - "exe" is short for executable.

When you enter a "." (that's a full stop or dot) you are staying in the current directory or file location

More on that here.