This article is about how to get revenue information from Orion which will help you apply for the COVID-19 Resurgence Support Payment (RSP) or the Wage Subsidy


Here is a link to info about the RSP on the Inland Revenue website - Click on this link 

Here is a link to info about the Wage Subsidy on the Work & Income website - Click on this link



To find revenue figures in Orion:


NOTE: You need to run this report twice for 2 different date ranges
CHECK what date ranges are required


Please go to Accounts > Enquiry > Month Summary > All:


Click on Custom Date Range:          


Then enter the required range then click OK, for example:



Click on All Workshop Departments on the left hand side and note the Total of Workshop Invoices:



Then choose All Parts Departments to view that total


Work your way through each department type for your business to calculate the total revenue.

Repeat this process for the second date range.




Alternative – from reports menu




Processing the revenue

Click on THIS link for information on how to process the revenue once received



Check out our COVID Hub for other information -  click on this link

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