Some processes in SAM require everyone to be logged out - such as rollovers, updates and backup's

Follow the process below to find out who is still logged in or if there are processes running in the background stopping the update


Active users

Easiest first - check if there are active users logged in

In SAM click on Enquiry (1) > Active Users (2)




Clear users who are not logged into the system.

NB: Do NOT clear users unless you are CERTAIN they are not processing any information in SAM

!!Corruptions will occur if you clear users while they are processing information in the database!!

Highlight user (1) > Clear Station (2) > except your own login.

Tick Block All Users (3) > Close (4)

NB: Your log-on is in blue font - DONT CLEAR THIS



Run the UPDATE process and if error persist it means Files are still open in the background.

Close open Files

To close open files you will need to open the Computer Management on the server PC.


Click onto the Windows Start Up button (1) (normally bottom left of the screen).

Start typing Computer Management (2) > Double click on Computer Management (3)




Click on Shared Folders (1) > Open Files (2) > and you will see SAM files that are open




Highlight all the SAM files you want to close, right click over the highlighted area and choose to close all the SAM files

NB: It is very important to only close SAM files

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