This document defines IT Ops' internal support responsibility.

Each software company has a direct relationship with its customer and therefore owns the customer. IT Ops’ main responsibility is our infrastructure which includes the hosting of the software companies’ customers. They also provide internal support to the various software departments and may assist the software companies with technical/hardware support of their customers and their issues (which may be chargeable).

IT Op's Responsibilities

IT Op’s main responsibilities are:

  • Auxo Software’s infrastructure

  1. Auxo’s servers
  2. which includes our hosted customer systems
    1. includes onboarding customers to hosting (parts of this service may be chargeable)
  3. security
  4. protection from cyber threats
  • internal support for the two software companies

  1. Company devices
  2. Company approved applications/software/connections
  • any maintenance/support contracts they have



Additional IT tasks

  • Providing technical support/help to customers – chargeable



  • The two software companies (SAS & SAM) own the relationship with their customers.
  • IT OP’s has two primary customers, they are the two software companies




  • IT Op’s team will communicate to all relevant stakeholders
  • All external communication is the responsibility of the relevant department(s)
  1. IT Op’s will assist with the content and can proofread if required



Tickets must be created for all actions/queries, regardless of whether it’s chargeable work or not

  1. See the guide on creating tickets – IT Ops Tickets


Priority One

  • Two Hour First Response Time

Priority Two

  • Four Hour First Response Time

Priority Three

  • Eight Hour (NBD) First Response Time

Internal Support

Training Rooms

  • Setup and tested for use by all staff within our security policy
    1. MS Teams/Zoom meetings
    2. Network access
  • Setup and tested for guests
  • Written instructions on use and access put in each room
  • It is the responsibility of every AUXO staff member to leave the setup intact

Auxo Equipment

  • Supplied and set up by the IT Ops team
  • Any changes to equipment to be carried out by the IT Ops team unless approved in advance by the IT Ops Manager
  • Manage lifecycle
    1. Communicated to the appropriate manager when it needs to be replaced to enable support.
      • i.e. not supporting out of date equipment and applications
    2. Schedule to be provided for the year prior to budgets
  • Support company supplied devices – includes servers, PC’s laptops, firewalls, etc
  • Configure remote access for AUXO staff if and when required
    1. In accordance with remote access policy
  • Any requests that are outside of the current scope need to be approved by management and ITOps

External Support

Primary responsibility

  • Infrastructure
  • Hosted customers


  • The above takes priority over all other queries
  • Assistance and or advice will be provided where possible
    1. If chargeable, an order number will be required before proceeding
    2. An estimate can be supplied upon request



  • Information to be supplied by the IT Ops Manager to the respective person(s)
    1. Includes pricing and any exceptions, terms, ETA, etc

Onboarding to Hosting

  • On-board customer(s) onto hosting
  • Any exceptions to be identified in the quote

Hosting support

  • If hosted by Auxo, then hosting charges cover hosting support
  • Covers support and maintenance of the server(s)


IT Ops team will communicate to all relevant stakeholders

All external communication is the responsibility of the relevant department(s)

  • IT Ops will assist with the content and can proofread if required

Anything else

Please come and ask us, we don’t bite J


T & Cs

  • Everything is as above unless otherwise stated.
  • All work, requests, needs must be within our security policy. In this day and age, the protection of our and our customers' data must be paramount.
  • IT Ops will do its best to communicate to the relevant internal stakeholders as soon as they can, however, at times this may take longer than desired, especially if they are dealing with high(er) priority issues or have people away from their team.
  • IT Ops is only able to support AUXO approved software and or applications.