Here we will show you how to send a bulk SMS to your customers

There are two ways to send a bulk SMS to your customers, one depends on you already having SMS turned on in Orion, the other does not.

NB: you can use the second method even if you have SMS turned on in Orion


With SMS turned on in Orion


You first need to set-up a promotion

Go to the Marketing module, then choose Maintenance (3) > Promotion (4)

Here you will see a list of promotions that have already been set-up

Click on Insert (1) to create a new one or change (2) to edit an existing one.

1.    You are able to filter the list to further define who to send the messages to

2.    There are several different Types of pre defined lists you can use

3.    SMS is an option here as well

Running a promotion

No surprise here - click on Run Promotion, the select the promotion from the drop down list

Choose the output type (1), then click on Run (2)

It will then bring up the following screen:


1.    Type the message you want to send in here

NB: This will send one message per 160 characters.
i.e. if the message is 161 characters then two messages will be sent and the second will only have one letter.... 

2.    You can delay sending the message to a specific date and time

3.    This the number of characters already used (helpful for #1 above)

4.    You are able to use a pre written text from the library



1.    It is HIGHLY recommended that this is used, normally the list is quite long so it's hard to see them

2.    Delete single customers from the list as needed

Click on ‘OK’ when ready to send


This is simply a representation of the message being sent.


Without SMS turned on in Orion - One off bulk SMS request's 

You will need to send us the following information:

1. Your email address

2. The message you want to send - There is a 160 character limit.

3. The date and time you want to send the message
4. A list of customers you want to send the message to
a. This will need to have two columns: The Customer Keycode & their cell phone number
b. Click on THIS LINK to see how to do this

Submit a form to send us this information:

Click on THIS LINK to submit a form to us with the above information