Non WOF / Service Reminders - Future Work

You can also set service reminders for work that is not WOF / Service related, and can set a reminder for ADHOC work - Eg Cam Belt replacement or repairs identified during inspections that the customer wishes to schedule in for a later time.

Create a new Service Reminder code called ATT (Future Work):


Select the follow-up button on the job

Load the followup against the vehicle. The date entered would be the due date the item is required for fixing/replacement. Could be set to todays date.

The workshop can run a reminder report for all or just choose ATT for a selected date range.

That way you can send reminders to customers for other work.


Also, if a job is created for that vehicle and the reminder date is older than the date of the job, a warning will pop up showing the overdue reminder(s) for that vehicle.



  1. Send reminders to customers for work that is not normal service work rather than waiting for them to bring it in
  2. A reminder pops up telling you there is an outstanding job on that vehicle if it hasn’t been done or cleared.