Want another way to communicate to your technicians?

Send them a text from inside Orion!

The following articles can give more information on different aspects of texting from SAM:



You must have the SMS add-on activated

If you don't have this - click here to request it


This may come as a surprise but in order to text a technician (mechanic) you will need to enter a cell phone in their details

Go to Maintenance (1) > Technicians (2):

And enter a Mobile phone number (3) in the General tab:

Sending from the Job

Open a job (I hope you already know how to do this) and add a technician (1), once this is done the SMS button (2) will be available

The "Send SMS Message" window

There are multiple different things we can do here, but what we need to concentrate on are the following:

1.    Enter the mobile # 

2.    Message - Details of the Job will be entered automatically

You can still edit the Message if you want to

3.    OK - will send the message

There is a 160 character limit, using more than this will send multiple messages


There will be a pop-up saying it was successful: