Activating Business Intelligence Dashboard from Orion

Users need to have access to the Account module and have a manager role to activate the BI Dashboard.


  1. In the “Account” module, select Maintenance > System Setup > General. Select the “Business Intelligence” setup screen. Click on the “Activate” button to activate Business Intelligence.

2. A confirmation message will be shown. Click “Yes” to proceed or click “View Terms & Conditions” before proceeding to activate Business Intelligence. 

3. Once Business Intelligence is activated, the setup screen will be updated as below.


  1. Company Details - Click this button to update company details stored in the BI Dashboard server.
  2. API Key - Auto-assigned key to identifying an Orion system integrated with BI Dashboards system.
  3. Inactive - Tick this checkbox to de-activate the BI dashboard. Un-tick this checkbox to re-activate the BI dashboard.
  4. Upload Data - Bulk uploading of KPI data.
  5. T&C - View Terms and Conditions information.

Uploading KPI data to Business Intelligence Dashboard

There are 3 methods to upload KPI data to BI portal:

Via Setup

Account > Maintenance > System Setup > General. 

See above #4

Select the “Business Intelligence” setup screen, click the “Upload Data” button from the Business Intelligence setup screen. 

This is the suggested method for new sites to upload history to the portal. 

This can take a while if a wide range of periods or a large number of transactions is selected

During Rollover: (automatic) 

Account > System > Month-end Rollover - This will upload KPI data for the processing month. 

This happens during both the System and GL month end rollover

Via General Ledger Report:

Account > Reports > Report Types “General Ledger”. 

Upload the latest data to the dashboard when accessing the dashboard from the report screen. 

This will update the latest KPI data in the current month to BI portal.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Business Intelligence Dashboards can be viewed from:

  1. Orion for users who has access to the “Account” module, General Ledger function and report function. This can be accessed from Account > Reports > General Ledger > Business Intelligence report.

  2. BI Portal for users with a user account setup (email address and password)


Viewing Business Intelligence Dashboard

a. Dashboard - Select a dashboard for viewing. A default dashboard is available once BI is activated.

b. Period - Select a Month/Year period to view past 13 months' KPI data

Maintaining dashboards

Click on the “Dashboard Setup” function will open the Dashboard listing screen. Up to 10 dashboards can be set up in the dashboard listing.

a. Click “New” to create a new dashboard. 

b. Select a dashboard on the list and click “Modify” to change the dashboard setup.

c. Select a dashboard on the list and click “Delete” to delete a dashboard.

d. Click the “Back” button to return to BI Dashboards.

e. Click the “Close” button to close BI Dashboards and return to the Orion system.


Dashboard Setup

a. Dashboard Name - This name will be displayed on the dashboards selection list on BI Dashboards

b. Sort Order - This will determine the sorting order of a dashboard on the dashboards selection list

c. Chart - Select a KPI from a predefined KPI list. Up to 10 charts can be set up for each dashboard.