Husqvarna ordering in Orion is controlled by Addon#135. It provides a mechanism between the Orion and Husqvarna parts ordering systems to reduce double entry (of data), and to improve data accuracy.


 This addon allows the user to:


  1. Create a purchase order export file that can be manually uploaded into the Husqvarna online web portal

  2. Download the Husqvarna parts invoice file from the web portal (Husqvarna), and then either import the invoice into a new Orion parts purchase order, or match to an existing Orion parts purchase order.



Example of the Husqvarna web portal:







Activate Orion addon#135 - contact Orion support by submitting a support ticket or calling us on 09 583 2455


In the Parts module go to; Maintenance, Husqvarna Setup


And link the Husqvarna supplier



Using these features

Purchase Order Export


When viewing the ‘Parts Purchase Order Maintenance’ screen select the Export File button.

Select the Husqvarna export



This will generate an export file in the ..\HUSQVARNA directory. This directory is at the same level as the Orion folder, and the file will be named “SiteNAME_OrderNumber_Date.CSV”



The user can now navigate to this file from within the Husqvarna parts web portal, when using the “Upload Your File” option.



Invoice file Import


Importing a Husqvarna parts invoice file requires the user to download the invoice file from the Husqvarna web portal, into the ..\HUSQVARNA directory. This directory is at the same level as the Orion folder.



After the invoice file has been downloaded in the Parts module, go to Misc, Husqvarna Ordering.



Select the invoice to import.
Next review the invoice lines and as required; Set the pricing, Add items to stock, change the Order type, un-tag line items not to import, match to an existing order.
 Select Create Order or Import order to finalise the import. The impot file will now be moved into a history folder




Order Screen options


 Each line item on the invoice can be tagged by double clicking (mouse) into the highlighted column. Only Line items with a Y will be imported



Order Type

To change the Order Type on one or all line items, double click on the Order type. This will open a new screen where the type can be set. There is an option to apply the setting to all order lines.





The pricing can be adjusted by double clicking on either the Total Cost, Unit Cost, Markup or Price fields.





Add to Stock

There is a button to add order lines into the stock listing.




Manually move files into history

By right clicking on a file name a screen will open to allow the user to move the file into Hisotry without processing it into Orion.
 This is useful if the invoice file is a duplicate and/or has already been processed manually.





File layouts

Export File


Part Number , Description, Qty Ordered, Order Reference (department-order no#), Date (YYYYMMDD)



Import File