Preventing Your Staff from Raising a job for a specific Customer


Customers are put on hold  to prevent a Customer Job from being created, SAM will at least issue a warning to the person creating a Job and/or when posting billable items to the job where the customer is "On Hold".

It is suggested that an internal policy is made where these messages are escalated if neccessary.

(EG : Get permission to over-ride & create job anyway, let accounts know they have an order for an On-Hold Customer, etc)


a) Defaulted on Payment

b) Hasn't paid their account in some time OR 

c) You know they are in financial difficulty.


(1). Click on "Maintenance"

(2). Click on "Customers"

(3). Either

       (i) Double-Click on the customer line OR

       (ii) highlight the customer and click on "Change" (4).  

(5). Tick the "On Hold" box

(6). If you wish to add any instructions for data entry person, click on "Notes"

(7). If you then want the note(s) to show up when a job is entered for this Customer - Tick "Show Notes"

(8). Enter Note(s) Required  (eg :"This Customer is Overdue : Refer to Office Manager Before Continuing")

(9). Click on "OK"


This is what your data-entry person will see when they try to create a job for an On-Hold Customer :

(10). Enter Customer ID and then press the "Tab" on your keyboard - This will bring up the Note(s).

(11). Click on the "OK" and this will bring up the "On Hold" Warning

(12). Click on the "OK" and this will prefill some of the data for the Job.

(13). The "Add a Job" entry screen still shows that this Customer is "on Hold"

(14). Should the data-entry person try to enter any text the warning at Point(12) above will pop-up, 

(15). Click on "OK" and the Text can still be entered in the text input screen

(16). However should they try to enter any "Labour", "Parts", "Orders" or "Job Kits" this will be blocked.

(17). The following pop-up will appear - and they can go no further.

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