This article will show how to process AFTERPAY payments 


Receiving a payment from a Customer.

Process the payment as per normal and use the payment type AFTERPAY.

If you do not have this payment type you will need to set this up, see AFTERPAY - Setup


What this looks like

Customers account:

When an AFTERPAY payment is processed there will be 2 transactions in the customer account: 

An invoice for the job, and a Receipt as per normal

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Description automatically generated

AFTERPAY account:

This will have one AD+ 

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Payment Received from AFTERPAY


Click on Debtors (1) > Select Customer AFTERPAY (2)> click on Receipt (3) 




Select Payment Type (1) >Double click on the Transaction (2) >Enter Payment on the Amount (3) > click on TAB key on keyboard> click on OK (4)


1.Payment TypeThis is normally a Direct Credit 
2.AD+ InvoicesDouble click on the invoices AFTERPAY is paying (check their statement)


Change the amount to what AFTERPAY is paying
NB: TAB out of this field
Then the commission calculates automatically - check their statement making sure it is correct 

What this looks like 

A Receipt and commission transaction will be created.   These will be credited matched against the AD+ transaction.