A check for updates is performed with the FIRST log-on for the day

It is very important that these updates are completed on your system at your earliest convenience to keep you up to date with all the new features and bug fixed


Confirm everyone is logged out of Orion FIRST

You MUST make sure that ALL users are logged out of Orion before starting to upgrade/update the system

All Sites

Check active users: [Orion] Check Active Users

If Not Hosted

Not Hosted Sites: The Orion application MUST be closed/logged off from from each PC/workstation. An extra step to ensure updates complete without any issues is to shut down all workstations.

If hosted with us via Citrix 

Citrix hosted sites: You MUST close the application BEFORE closing the citrix connection.
  • Orion is still open and has a connection to the database if this isn't done and the update WILL NOT HAPPEN without errors

As an extra precaution it is suggested you close/sign out of the Citrix Workspace on each PC before starting the upgrade process

Look at the "systray" (Icons to he left of your clock) and locate the Citrix Icon (2), then click on Sign Out (3)

Running the Update


We have an internal development register where customers requests and ideas are managed, prioritised and scheduled to create a bundle of work that is released as a product update. 

These updates can contain new features, tweaks to existing features and bug fixes.

It is very important that these updates are run on your system at your earliest convenience to keep you up to date with all the new features and bug fixes


Using this Function


Orion will automatically check what version and release number you are currently on and then display a reminder to update when logging into the system.


Select Update to download and apply the latest available update

The version you currently have (1) the version you are upgrading to (2) and the release notes (3)

4 - Backup:
It is suggested to leave the back-up option as it is - this will change based on our recommendations.

Click on Update (5), then confirm if you wish to proceed (6)

Back up Failed?

There will be a warning if the automated back-up failed - it is HIGHLY recommended NOT to proceed if this happens.

Always confirm a backup has completed before completing an update - this can either be a manual backup or the auto backup

Cancelled the update?

Don't worry - you are able to run the update manually.


The update can also be run from Accounts (1) > Help  (2) > Check for Updates (3)

The first window will display a couple of options - Check frequency cannot be changed and the Backup is overridden by the auto update window above.

Click on "Check Now"

Update available message

If the update is cancelled a message is displayed in Orion (top right) to highlight that an Update is available.



User Security


There is a user security setting “Run Auto Updates” to control which users can apply updates. 

NB: By default, All users have the ability to download and apply the updates

 To check this go to Accounts > Maintenance > System Setup > Users, edit/change the user and click on Security


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