Ensuring that you have the correct margins for stock coming in can be a worry, SAM can automate this process and ensure that the margins are kept at the same level per stock analysis group



You will first need to set the margins per analysis group.

In SAM go to Maintenance (1) > Stock Analysis Groups (2)

In here we are looking at the Multipliers and how they are calculated:

Average Cost vs last Cost

Fairly self explanatory here, this is determining which cost figure is going to be used when calculating the different Prices

NB: Cost prices are excluding GST

Calculations (Retail or Trade etc)

This affects what the customer is charged - you can have a trade customer be charged a different price on parts or part types.


In this example the Old Cost price was $50.00 and the new one is $100.00

When receiving the part in the above window pops up

As per the Analysis group the new retail is calculated at 1.5 (50% margin) = $150.00

You have the option of accepting it or manually changing it.

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