Increasing the stock charge out rates is easy:

It is HIGHLY recommended that you complete a back-up before proceeding.

There is no way to reverse this process

In the Orion workshop module go to Maintenance (1) > System Setup (2) > Stock (3) and click on Global Price Changes (4)

1.    Which parts do you want to change

If left blank then all parts will be changed, otherwise filter the parts to specific part number ranges, Analysis Groups &/or suppliers

2.    What price/change do you want to change

This needs to be done individually per charge (Retail, Trade, Level 3 etc)  and is increased by a percentage amount

3.    Yes - if you want to you can reduce what you charge out, most often this will be used to increase charges though

There is one more warning after which it is done!

Remember to do a back-up before proceeding


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