This will guide you through all you need to know in order to Move data from your LOCAL PC to CITRIX Environment.


In this example we are attaching a PDF into a vehicle file.

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This is essentially data and programs that we host for you in our servers, which you would connect to via the CITRIX application.

Local Computer:

This is the physical computer that you are using, Citrix is a program that runs on your computer, creating a window for you to view the Orion / SAM program remotely.


The process where we move files from your "Cloud" to your "Local" , therefore freeing up some space on your Cloud.


You have only a finite (set) amount of storage allocated to you as part of your hosting fees, currently this is 10Gb for Orion customers, and 5Gb for SAM customers.


It is recommended that a new folder is created in your local C drive and in the Shared Folders in the Citrix environment:

Local C Drive

Hosted SharedFolders (Citrix environment)

NB: This is opened by using the file explorer icon found on your desktop. 

Step 1:

Grab image and paste into Local C Drive > Photos - TRANSFER folder.

NB: This is using your local file explorer.

Step 2:

Cut image from Local C Drive > Photos - TRANSFER folder and paste into S Drive > SharedFolders > Photos Hosted.

NB: This is using your SAM - File Explorer (Citrix).

Step 3:

Attach image (PDF) into vehicle.

Open up vehicle, click on images button (1), then use insert button (2).

Explore to the correct folder location. In this instance, you will need to change the file type to PDFs (2).

This will result in the following.

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