With Remote Workshop, you can provide your customer with a quote/estimate directly from the easily accessible web-based platform.

Note: some of the general steps of creating an estimate follow the same or similar process to creating a job (e.g. adding postings, selecting the customer and vehicle etc). So if you are not yet familiar with those processes we recommend you start with the Creating a New Job KB  before moving on to this article on Estimates.


Creating an Estimate


You will find Estimates under the Workshop dropdown menu:

The first screen you will see is the Estimate List, showing any previously created estimates. It is similarly laid out to the WIP and Invoice lists, with the exception of the status icons on the right-hand side. If you hover the mouse over an icon, a tip will display explaining what the icon represents:

To start a new Estimate, simply click the add icon:

Time Saving Tip - You can also quickly create an estimate from within a Work in Progress job. This will create a new estimate and bring across the customer and vehicle from the original job. See the screenshot below...


From this point, preparing an Estimate is a very similar process to creating jobs; essentially you select a customer and vehicle, then add parts and labour to the postings:


However, here are a couple of important factors to be mindful of:


Estimate Expiry Dates


When you create an estimate, the Expiry date is automatically set to one month from the current date. You can edit the Expiry date at any stage.




Converting Approved Work to a Job


Once a customer has approved the work, select the Create Job button

Some details around the communication with the customer can be recorded before the estimate is converted into a job.