Split invoicing allows you to split a job into separate charges for up to 3 customers. This is primarily used for insurance work, splitting the cost of a job between the customer and their insurance company and includes a specific field for applying insurance excess (deducting the excess from the insurance company's invoice and adding it to the customer's invoice).


Here's how to split an invoice...

On the job screen, after adding postings to the job, click on the “Split” function at the bottom of the posting section. 


This will open the Job Split Allocation screen:

An invoice can be split between up to 3 customers.

  1. Click on the Invoice 2 or Invoice 3 field to add the insurance company, warranty company or another customer. 
  2. Enter Excess amount if applicable.

  1. Allocate the postings in each row to specific customers using the checkboxes under the respective customer:


  1.  Click on the Discount field at the bottom section of each customer column to apply a discount to the customer.


  1. Click on the Printer icon beside a customer name to print a Pro-Forma Invoice for the customer. Alternatively, click on the dropdown icon beside a customer name to print or email the Pro-Forma to the customer. The Pro-Forma will contain only the postings allocated to the selected customer

Note: the Pro-forma custom form must be linked in the Orion forms(4) setup screen.


  1. Invoicing a split job will process the invoices for all customers. If any customers have exceeded their credit limit, a note will be shown below the total invoice amount for the customers. Users will be able to invoice the job regardless of the credit limit balance.



  • A note will be added to the job screen for jobs with split invoices, as highlighted below
  • Global discount for the job will not be available for split invoices. Discounts can be applied for each customer on the Job Split Allocation screen.
  • The Invoice option on the job screen will open the Job Split Allocation screen. Users have to invoice from the second screen.