Suggested Buy makes it easy to figure out what stock needs to be ordered. Instead of you checking the shelf or going into the software to check the levels, it will let you know when stock is getting low and make an order by auto-generating an order list of parts per supplier when stock levels become low, based on the predefined minimum and maximum levels of stock.

Suggested Buy is for workshop stock/materials

Predefined min/max stock 

Navigate to the Workshop tab and select Stock Enquiry 



Select a part to edit, and on the General tab you can input the Min Stock and Max Stock values 



How is suggested buy calculated?

If the On-hand quantity is below the Min Stock value then an order created using Suggested Buy will calculated the order quanity by taking the Max value and deducting the On-Hand value (also deducting "On Order", if there is any).

Note 1: If "On Order" qty value is above Min Stock value then Suggested Buy will not generate an order. 

Note 2: "On Order" value will move to on hand when order has been received

Creating a Suggested Buy  Order

  • Navigate to Suggested Buy from the Stock Enquiry page 



  • The Supplier can be selected from the drop-down list or All Suppliers can be selected 



  • The Analysis Group can be selected from the drop-down list or All Analysis Groups can be selected 



  • Once Supplier and Analysis Group have been selected click Create, then click Yes to confirm the following message that is displayed: 



  • Confirm the details displayed and click Finalise to complete the order: 


  • You will see the following confirmation screen, click Yes to continue 


  • The following notification confirms the order has been created: 




You can find the created orders in the Workshop > Orders list 



When generating the Suggested Buy over multiple suppliers, Stock Orders will be created per Supplier