This article will guide you on how to merge a Customer or Supplier.

Please ensure all other Windows are closed and everybody is logged out of SAM!

!!! This process cannot be reversed !!!


IF there are any users logged in, it may cause corruptions

This procedure will merge all records (invoices, vehicles etc) into one record 


A. Go to Maintenance (1) > System Setup (2) > General (3)

In the Customer tab (1) Click on Merge Customer (2)
In the Supplier tab (1) Click on Merge Supplier (2)

NB the warning message:

NB the warning message:


  1. Enter the Customer/Supplier that needs to be deleted.
  2. Enter the Customer/Supplier that the first customer/supplier will be Merged into and click okay.

Customers with the SAM to Xero integration will need to merge in Xero as well

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