Global Search is a system-wide search, that returns the top 5 results matching your search from across the Orion system, categorised by the categories the results were found in.

Searching Tip - If you're a bit less certain on the specific details of the record you're searching for, we recommend to go search within the appropriate list screen. For example, if you're just looking for a recent invoice but can't exactly recall the customer's name, we would recommend going into the Invoice History list to start your search.


By typing your search term(s) into the new search bar provided, then clicking Search, Global Search will display the top 5 records from each of the following categories

The search categories are:

  • Customers
  • Vehicles
  • Suppliers
  • Workshop Invoices
  • Workshop Jobs
  • Workshop Stock
  • Parts Invoices
  • Parts Stock
  • Parts Purchase Orders
  • Sales Invoices
  • Sales Vehicles
  • Sales Orders
  • Rental Invoices
  • Rental Orders


The search won’t start until the ‘Search’ button has been selected and it will only string search on limited fields.

A multi-string search can be performed by adding a + between the search text for example the search “smith+2165” would narrow down the results to any result that contained SMITH and 2165

Which fields does Global Search base the results on..

This list gives you more details of what Global Search searches for:


  • Invoices - Invoice number, Customer name, Order No, Description, Vehicle, Invoice Total
  • Jobs - Job No, Customer name, Order No, Job Description, Vehicle
  • Vehicles - Description, Rego, Fleet No, VIN, Owner 
  • Customers - Name, Phone, Mobile, Email 
  • Orders - Order No, Supplier Name, Comment, Due date 
  • Suppliers - Name, Phone, Mobile, Email 
  • Stock/Parts - Part No, Description, Bin, Retail Inc, On Hand Qty