Orion version 4012 introduces a major overhaul to the Orion user interface; bringing a new slicker way of navigating around the system without needing to close what you were still working on. 

Gone is the need to switch modules, and with it the ‘Other’ menu option.

These have been replaced with a two-tier button menu, allowing you to navigate to any module and open any window on top of the current ones opened. To help manage the extra windows you may have open, we have introduced an ‘Active Windows’ pop-out listing.


Example of Key Changes

  1. Top menu items that relate to the selected module
  2. Module menu
  3. Module main windows
  4. Active Windows listing




Department Selection

The Workshop, Parts and Rental modules can still have more than one department associated. 

Click the Department dropdown icon (1) to select the required department.

NB: The Short/menu Description of the active department will show as yellow text under the module (A). 
Any new window opened in that module will be related to the listed department.

Department codes

This department code is set up in Accounts, Maintenance, System Setup, Departments

Every window will display the department Description to help avoid confusion when you are viewing multiple department windows.


Active Windows

Selecting the Active Windows icon (1) opens/closes a list displaying all of the active/open windows. 

You can hide or show an individual window by clicking on the eye (2), close a window by clicking on the X (3) or hide/show all windows by clicking on the button at the bottom (4).

In the example below we have 3 windows open for 3 different departments. The P1 - Parked Invoices has been hidden:


User Security


Nothing has changed in this area and Orion's extensive user security settings are still valid. A user can still only view a specific module and department they have access to.

In the example below, the ‘Sales User’ only has limited access to the Sales Module. The other modules change to italic font and are not accessible, the top menu and module menus greys out the options not available:


System Rollovers

Due to the module switching and window stacking changes we have implemented a new safety check when starting the month-end roll. There is a check to make sure all active windows are closed for the user instigating the month-end roll.


Global Search: Another major usability enhancement is the Global Search feature, you can learn more here: Global Search KB


Q: How do I set the department wall paper?

A: There is no department wall papers now because you now move dynamically from one department to another, you may even have windows for two departments open at the same time.  In other words, it's not possible to have a specific wall paper "when you're in a specific department", because you could be operating in multiple departments at any given moment.