POS Statuses are ideally used to track the different stages of Parked POS invoices, giving you a quick visual indication of the progress of a particular POS Invoice.

You can set up statuses to suit your business's specific workflows, which can be colour coded to change the visual display of the POS Parked Invoices List.



In the Parts Module go to Maintenance > System Setup > Invoicing Options (tab) > POS Invoice Status Maintenance

Select Insert to add a new status, assign a colour and define the display/sort order. The department can be left blank to use the status in all Parts departments.

The Status Keycode is the main identifier used in all screens.

Advanced: A *LOCKED* status can be enabled. This status will block a POS invoice from any more edits. The use of this status is security controlled. More details in the **Locked* Status section further below...


Tip: When selecting a colour, consider using a lighter shade to make it more pleasant on the eye.


Using Statuses

The POS statuses are visible in the Parked Invoices listing. The listing can also be sorted by the status, which is useful if, for example, you want to group all Parked invoices that are ready for invoicing.



To assign or update a Status, open the parked invoice and choose from the drop-down selection


*Locked* Status

The special locked status is enabled in the setup. As previously mentioned, this status will block a POS invoice from any more edits that change the total sale amount and stop it from being invoiced until you are ready.

The options locked include:

  • Changing the customer
  • Insert, Change, Delete of existing postings
  • Adding new parts
  • Adding new purchase orders
  • Global Discounts
  • Invoicing (F12)

Any attempt to change the locked options will display a warning to the user.

To unlock simply change the status, providing your user security allows it.



The use of this *LOCKED* status is security controlled. The Parts user must have this user security setting un-ticked to allow them to select or unselect this special status.

Accounts, Maintenance, System Setup, Users select the required user and then click on the Security button

Select the Parts tab. 

The Option/setting associated with this function is labelled: ‘Lock a Parts Invoice Disallowed’
    Ticked = User does not have access
    Un-ticked = User does have access

By default, new users are ticked for this setting.