In NZ, the introduction (April 2022) of the Vehicle Emissions and Energy Economy Label became mandatory for motor vehicle traders. The new label displays additional useful information including carbon dioxide emissions and Clean Car Discount eligibility.

More information here:

Note - If data is'nt available for the vehicle you are selling, you must stil display the label with "Not Available" to meet your obligations!

A motor vehicle trader can manually generate the new label from this website:


Example of the new label:

Printing a VEEEL Label in Orion


Addon#46 FuelSaver and Addon#113 Custom Forms (GemBox) are required in order to use the following functionality.

How to Generate the VEEEL Label

In the Sales module navigate to the Vehicle Maintenance screen and select the FuelSaver tab. Select the Fuel Label button to generate the new VEEEL Label.

Orion passes the VIN number in the first instance providing it is 17 characters, then the Rego. Orion then retrieves the images from the NZTA web-service


Warning: It is your responsibility to check the label details match the vehicle before displaying the label (on the vehicle). Loading an incorrect VIN, Rego or Retail Price could result in downloading incorrect data.

The Refresh Details button can be used to download the fuel saver information and update the vehicle data. A ‘Basic’ or greater NZTA data check will also provide this data

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