Are you considering switching from SAM Desktop to webSAM?  There are definitely some cool features in webSAM that are not available in SAM Desktop (like drag'n'drop diary), but we also want to be upfront about some of the things that SAM Desktop users might struggle with.

Key differences

It's slightly slower than SAM Desktop

Like all web-based software, we're only as fast as your internet allows.  However, even with a fast internet connection, there is still a small lag between you clicking a button and that action being completed. However, speed is one of the key areas for continuous improvement, so we expect ourselves to be as fast as any modern web software.

Takes a few more clicks to print

In SAM Desktop, you can print your invoices, Purchase orders, reports...etc directly to your printer.  However, like other cloud products (e.g. Xero), webSAM cannot print directly to your printer.  When you click print in webSAM, your browser will download the file (pdf), then you can open it then print from there.  This may take a few more clicks than SAM Desktop.

Some SAM Desktop add-ons are not available

webSAM currently supports the following add-ons:

  1. Carjam (NZTA Lookup)
  2. SMS
  3. Xero integration

This means any other add-ons are not included, for example:

  • Repco parts ordering
  • Parts Catalogues
  • Eftpos integration
  • MYOB
  • NAPA Ordering
  • eSpares
  • Smart check
  • etc...

Different invoice/job card/estimate formats.

  • Job text
    • webSAM has a new dedicated text box for technician instructions, this means if you usually add a job template with text for tech instructions, it won't print on the job card.  Instead, you use the technician instruction text box, which also has library text.
  • Custom form designs
    • webSAM does not have custom formats like we did with SAM Desktop.  However, webSAM does come with multiple default formats for you to choose.
  • Form watermarking
    • webSAM does not support form watermarking.

Return procured part(s) to stock.

in webSAM you can only return a procured part to the supplier as a credit.  You cannot return that part to your stock file.

WOF Sheet printing

webSAM does not have WOF sheet printing.

Multiple windows

Unlike SAM Desktop where you can open multiple windows, webSAM can only be run in a single browser tab.

Accounts module & statements

With our integration to Xero, webSAM has outsourced accounting functions to Xero.  This means websSAM does not have functions like debtors, creditors, or general ledger.  Similarly, without a debtor module, webSAM cannot send statements, this task is done in Xero.

So why would I switch to webSAM?

As noted in the beginning, there are many features in webSAM that are not in SAM Desktop - so maybe you care a lot about having those (e.g. digital estimates), and these benefits may outweigh the negative.

It is also important to note that we're constantly improving webSAM (updated 4 times in 2022).  This means some of the issues listed above may not be an issue later on.

So for those interested in webSAM, we always recommend that you ask us for a demo version, really play with it and try and use it to do some of your daily operations - it's like buying a car, you've got to take it for a test drive to really know.