Orion has a wide range of reports, here is a complete list.

Accounts Module

AreaReport NameRun as atMth EndReal timeExcel
PDFReport Description
GeneralCustomer Analysis Group ListingN/AN/AYesNoNoList of customer analysis groups
Customer ListingN/AN/AYesNoNoList of customers, including Keycode, Name, Postal address, Phone and Analysis Group.
Customer Listing (User Defined)N/AN/AYesUtilities >ExportNoList of customers as per field selection
GST ReportYesYesYesSend toYesReports on GST for given period
Management SummaryYesN/AYesNoYesSummary of Sales across multiple departments, inlcuding cost and markup.
Payment Type ListingN/AN/AYesNoNoList of payment types
Profitability ReportYesN/AYesSend toYesList of Customer sales within each module and totals
Supplier ListingN/AN/AYesNoNoList of suppliers including Keycode, Name, Postal Address, Phone Number
Terms ListingN/AN/AYesNoNoList of Terms including Keycode, Name, Type and Days
User ListingN/AN/AYesNoNoList of Users including Keycode, Name and Level
DebtorsBanking Totals SummaryYesYesYesNoNoList of Banking supplements for given period, including amount
Credit Management ReportN/AYesYesSend toYesList of customer ageing, balance, last reciept, contact and analysis group
Customer Factoring Audit TrailYesN/AYesNoYesList of invoices and credits for customers for a given period
Customer SalesN/AYesYesYesYesList of customer sales as per field selection
Debtors Aged Trial BalanceN/AYesYesYesYesList of customer balances with current, 30 days, 60 days and 90 days
Debtors Aged Trial Balance (Including WIP)N/AN/AYesNoYesList of customer balances with work in progress totals
Debtors Audit TrailYesYesYesNoYesSummary of Sales within the Debtors Ledger
Debtors Individual SummaryYesN/AYesNoYesList of transactions and balance for a given debtor within a given period
Debtors On HoldN/AN/AYesNoYesList of debtors that have been placed on hold
Debtors Summary Invoices / AdjustmentsYesN/AYesNoYesList of debtors sundry invoices and adjustments
Debtors Unmatched CreditsN/AYesYesNoNoList of unmatched reciepts on a customers account
Invoice Printing (Combined)YesYesYesNoNoList of invoices for a given period
StatementsN/AYesYesNoNoPrint debtors statements for the current period as per field selection
Unpaid Invoices ReportYesYesYesYesYesList of invoices that are unpaid as per field selection
CreditorsCreditors Aged Trial BalanceN/AYesYesNoYesList of creditors balances with current, 30 days, 60 days and 90 day balances
Creditors Audit TrailYesYesYesNoYesList of creditors invoices with a summary of the totals and current creditors total balances
Creditors Individual SummaryYesN/AYesNoYesList of transactions and balance for a given creditor within a given period
Creditors Unmatched PaymentsN/AYesYesNoNoList of unmatched payments on a suppliers account
Purchase Orders (Admin)YesYesYesNoNoList of purchase orders made within the accounts module, with order number, supplier, order and due date, and value
Supplier PurchasesN/AYesYesYesYesList of creditor purchase totals for each month with a year to date column
CashbookBank Account Reconciliation ReportYesYesYesNoYesList of bank account transactions for a given period
Cashbook Automatic Payments ReportYesN/AYesNoYesList of Automatic payments within the cashbook
Cashbook ReportYesN/AYesNoYesList of cashbook transactions within a given period
Cashflow ReportYesN/AYesNoYesList of opening and closing balances for a given period with General ledger totals
Chart of AccountsN/AN/AYesNoNoList of General Ledger codes with the Gl code, Search Key, Description and Type
General LedgerChart of AccountsN/AN/AYesNoNoList of General Ledger codes with the Gl code, Search Key, Description and Type
Financial Reports (Export to Excel)YesN/ANoYesNoList of General Ledger opening and closing balances for selected months
Financial Reports (Rolling Months)N/AYesNoSend toNoList of General ledger totals for a selected period
GL Code Source TransactionsYesN/ANoNoYesList of transactions for a selected GL code within a given date range
GL Codes (User Defined)N/AN/AYesUtilities >ExportNoList of General Ledger codes as per field selection
GL Codes BudgetsN/AN/ANoNoNoList of general ledger codes with budgets
Statement of Financial Performance (Profit and Loss)N/AYesNoSend toYesList of general ledger totals with ability to look at transactions
Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet)N/AYesNoSend toYesList of general ledger totals with ability to look at transactions
Trial Balance - DetailedYesYesNoNoYesList of general ledger opening and closing balances for selected months with transactions
Trial Balance - SummaryYesYesNoNoNoList of general ledger opening and closing balances for selected months
Working Batch ReportN/AN/AYesNoYesList of general ledger codes with total amounts from the selected period

Workshop Module

AreaReport NameRun as atMonth EndReal timeExcel optionPDF OptionReport Description
GeneralJob description listingN/AN/AYesNoNoList of Job Descriptions for that workshop
Labour category listingN/AN/AYesNoNoList of Labour Categories
Library text listingN/AN/AYesNoNoList of Library Text in the system
Stock analysis group listingN/AN/AYesNoNoList of Stock Analysis groups
Stock listingN/AN/AYesNoNoList of Stock based on selected analysis groups
Stock listing (User Defined)N/AN/AYesNoYesList of Stock as per field selection
Technician ListingN/AN/AYesNoNoList of Technicians
Vehicle ListingN/AN/AYesNoNoList of Vehicles
Vehicle Listing (User Defined)N/AN/AYesNoYesList of Vehicles as per field selection
WorkshopDepartment WIP SummaryN/AYesYesNoYesSummary of work in progress values
Fault Repair RegisterYesN/AYesNoYesLists faults that have been recorded in the Pre Start screen.
Fleet Costing ReportYesN/AYesYesYesSummary of Costings against fleet items
Fleet Costing Report (Individual)YesN/AYesNoYesSummary of Costings against a selected Fleet item
Fleet follow-upYesN/AYesYesYesList of Fleet Items to Follow up
Fleet Outwork reportYesN/AYesYesYesList of outwork done on Fleet items
Fleet schedule reportN/AN/AYesYesYesList of Fleet specific information
Invoice listingYesN/AYesYesYesList of Invoices created for a given period
Invoice PrintingYesYesYesNoNoPrints out invoices for the given period and module
Item repair & MaintenanceYesN/AYesYesYesSummary of Invoices, labour, parts etc. against items
Job card/Repair order printingYesN/AYesNoNoPrints out Job Cards/Repair Orders that have not/have been printed within that department
Kit Listing reportN/AN/AYesNoYesPrints out a list of Kits in that department
Labour Analysis (Detailed)YesN/AYesNoYesList of labour lines for selected technicians by selected critera
Labour Analysis (Summary)YesN/AYesNoYesList of total hours for labour rates by selected technicians and critera
Labour Hours SummaryYesN/AYesYesYesSummary of technicians labour against availability
Loan Item Useage ReportYesN/AYesNoYesList of the Loan item movement for a specific date range including some customer detail
Materials Sales & Margins ReportYesN/AYesNoYesLists all the material sales, either summarised or detailed based on criteria
Pricing StructureN/AN/AYesNoNoLists all of the Pricing structures for the department
Purchase Order ListingYesYesYesYesYesLists Puchase orders in the department for a given period
Sales AnalysisYesN/AYesYesYesLists the invoices within a given time period, and shows the cost and charges for each section
Sales ReportYesN/AYesYesNoLists invoices for a given period and by selected fields
Sales by Customer Analysis GroupYesN/AYesNoNoLists sales by cost analysis group for a given period
Sales by TechnicianYesN/AYesNoNoLists sales by Technician for a given period
Stock MovementN/AN/AYesNoNoSummary of Stock Movement for the current period
Stock TransactionsYesN/AYesNoYesList of stock transactions for a given period
Stock ValuationNoYesYesNoYesList of current workshop stock
Vehicle Follow-upYesN/AYesNoYesSummary of Follow ups against a vehicle from given criteria
WOF Checksheet ListingYesN/AYesNoNoList of WOF Checksheet jobs.
Warranty Report

Work In ProgressYesN/AYesYesYesLists current work in progress jobs
Work In Progress ValuationN/AN/AYesYesYesSummary of work in progress totals
MarketingInvoice Follow-upYesN/AYesYesNoLists all invoices between a given period
Service Reminder CardsYesN/AYesNoNoLists all items with a current follow up

Parts Module

Report NameRun as atMonth EndReal timeExcel optionPDF OptionReport Description
Alternate Part NumbersN/AN/AYesNoYesLists all part numbers with alternate part numbers against them
Customer Parts Summary (ASN)N/AN/AYesYesYesSummary of Parts sales for twelve months by selected customer and period
Department SetupN/AN/AYesNoYesSummary of Department Setup from given fields
Departmental Stock Valuation SummaryN/AYesN/ANoYesSummary of Departmental valuation amounts based on Average and last costs.
Holden Trade Club Export

Lost Sales ReportYesN/AYesNoYesLists all lost sales between a given period
Out of Period Creditors InvoicesYesN/AYesNoYesList of transactions where the receive date of the part does not match the Creditors Invoice
Parts invoice ListingYesN/AYesYesYesList of all Parts invoices from a given period.
Parts Invoice PrintingYesYesYesNoNoLists all Invoices from a given period before printing or emailing them.
Parts Payment Type SummaryYesN/AYesNoYesLists all transaction types with the total values.
Parts Purchases ReportYesN/AYesNoYesLists all part purchases from a given period dependant on whether it is Invoiced, ordered or recieved
Parts Sales AnalysisYesN/AYesNoYesLists all parts sales for a given period and sorting criteria
Parts Stock Listing (Userdefined)N/AN/AYesNoYesList of Parts sales as per field selection
Point of Sale Activity ReportYesN/AYesYesYesList of all Point of sale invoices by a given and grouped peiod
Pricing StructureN/AN/AYesNoNoList of all pricing structures within the department
Purchase Order Report (Import)YesN/AYesNoYesList of all Import Purchase orders for a given period
Purchase OrdersYesN/AYesYesYesList of purchase orders for a given supplier and date range
Purchase Order DetailsYesN/AYesYesYesDetailed list of all purchase orders by selected fields.
Statement InvoicesN/AYesYesNoYesList of all invoices for that department for given customers
Stock Ageing Report (Harley)

Stock Ageing Report (Standard)YesN/AYesYesYesList of Parts stock with values with ageing values
Stock Analysis Group ListingN/AN/AYesNoNoList of Stock analysis groups and their details.
Stock ListingN/AN/AYesNoYesList of Stock and their details based on given criteria
Stock Listing (Matrix Printer)

Stock Margin ListingN/AYesYesNoYesList of stock margins based on given criteria
Stock Movement ReportYesYesYesYesYesList of the stock and the movement for each part based on given criteria
Stock SalesYesN/AN/ANoNoLists the stock sales by certain criteria. Can give a detailed view
Stock Sales & Margins ReportYesYesYesYesYesLists stock sales and margins from a given criteria
Stock TransactionsYesN/AYesYesYesLists stock transactions by a given period
Stock ValuationN/AYesYesYesYesLists the stock valuation based on given criteria for the current month
Stock Valuation (Historical)YesN/AN/AYesYesList stock valuation report for historical data by given criteria
Stockturn ReportYesN/AYesNoYesList of the stock turnover for given dates and fields
Superseded Part NumbersN/AN/AYesNoYesList of Superseded parts stock

Sales Module

Report NameRun as atMonth EndReal timeExcel optionPDF OptionReport Description
Bulk Form PrintingN/AN/AYesNoNoLists Sales deals to allow for multiple form printing
Deal Charges & Accessories ReportYesN/AYesNoYesLists Charges and Accessories for each deal based on given fields.
Deal Over Allowance ReportYesN/AYesNoYesLists deals that have an overallowance base on 
Finance & insurance Control ReportYesN/AYesYesYesLists Deals and their finance amounts and the margins for this.
Financed Sales ReportYesN/AYesYesYesList of Deals sold by finance from a given criteria
Floorplan ReportN/AN/AYesYesYesLists items that are on floorplan by given fields.
Margin ReportYesN/AYesNoYesLists all finalized deals with item details, sell price, purchase price and margins from a given criteria
Margin Report  (Alternative Layout)YesN/AYesYesYesLists all deals with item details, sell price, purchase price Allowances and margins from a given criteria
Margin Report (Selected Item)N/AN/AYesNoYesShows the sell price, purchase price and margin for a selected item
Owes Us ReportN/AN/AYesNoYesLists all items on a deal that have an amount owing from a given criteria
Prospect Conversion ReportYesN/AYesNoYes
Prospects ReportYesN/AYesYesYesShows prospects from a given criteria
Purchase Order ReportYesN/AYesNoYesShows all Item orders from a given criteria
Rig ReportN/AN/AYesNoYesShows all Rigs from the Rig listing.
Sales Costing Report (Detailed)YesN/AYesYesYesShows the Costings for Items for given criteria
Sales Deal ReportYesN/AYesNoYesShows the finalized sales deals for a given criteria.
Sales ReportYesN/AYesYesYesShows the Deals and Items sold with costs for a given criteria
Stock Ageing ReportN/AYesYesNoYesShows the Stock items and the amount of days held from a given period from a given criteria
Stock Costing ReportYesN/AYesYesYesShows the costings for items from given criteria.
Stock Followup ReportN/AN/AYesNoYesShows the Item and Followup Expiry dates for a given criteria
Stock List (Userdefined)N/AN/AYesNoYesList of Stock Items as per field selection
Stock Listing ReportN/AYesYesYesYesLists Stock items from a given Criteria
Tasks ReportN/AN/AYesNoYesLists all Tasks for customer and Prospects against selected criteria
Variance ReportYesN/AYesYesYesLists all items with a variance as per the given criteria

Rental Module

Report NameRun as atMonth EndReal timeExcel optionPDF OptionReport Description
Customer Activity ReportYesN/AYesNoYesLists customer activity for a selected customer for a given period 
Equipment Rates ListingN/AN/AN/ANoYesLists all equipment rates from a given criteria
Invoice PrintingYesYesYesNoNoPrints or emails all rental invoices for a given criteria
Item Audit ReportYesYesYesNoYesLists all Item locations from a given criteria
Pricing StructureN/AN/AYesNoNoLists all pricing structures in the rental module
Purchase OrdersYesN/AYesNoYesLists all purchase orders from a given criteria
Rental ContractsYesN/AYesYesYesLists all Rental contracts based on a given criteria
Rental Contracts Due for InvoicingYesYesYesYesYesLists all Rental contracts due for invoicing based on a given criteria
Rental Contracts Due to EndYesN/AYesYesYesLists all Rental contracts that is close to the end date for the contract based on  a given criteria
Rental Contracts Due to ExpireYesN/AYesYesYesLists all Rental contracts that is due to expire based on a given criteria
Rental Costing Summary ReportYesN/AYesNoYesLists all Rental Item costings for a given period and criteria
Rental Economic Life ReportYesN/AYesYesYesLists all Rental Items Costs from the period given
Rental Invoice ListingYesN/AYesYesYesLists all Rental invoices for a given period and criteria
Rental Performance ReportN/AN/AYesYesYesLists all Rental items with Cost, Depreciation and Revenue Values
Rental Performance Report (Individual)YesN/AYesNoYesLists all costs and income for a specified Stock or Fleet item
Rental Performance Report (Summary)YesN/AYesNoYesLists all Rental Items with their income for a specific period
Rental Rates ListingN/AN/AYesNoYesLists all Rental Item Rates by selected criteria
Rental Stock Aging reportYesN/AYesYesYesLists all Costs and revenue as per selected criteria
Rental Stock ListingN/AN/AYesNoYesLists all Rental items as per given criteira
Rental Stock Status ReportN/AN/AYesYesYesLists the status of all rental items from a given criteria
Rental Stockturn ReportYesN/AYesYesYesLists all Rental Items that are on hire
Rental Utilisation ReportYesN/AYesYesYesLists all Rental items and the days available/rented for a given period.
Stock Activity Report (Individual)YesN/AYesNoYesLists the Rental Activity for a rental item/fleet item for a given period 
Stock Listing (Userdefined)N/AN/AYesNoYesLists Rental items from a given criteria
Stock Valuation (Consumables)N/AN/AYesNoYesLists all rental consumable items and values
Stock Valuation (Equipment)N/AN/AYesNoYesLists all Rental Equipment from a given criteria.