This article will go through the process needed for HOSTED SITES to use a CipherLab stock take scanner.

Stock-take scanners are a small hand held device that have a file uploaded to it so you can take it to your shelves to scan barcodes to count on-hand figures.

Do NOT plug in the CipherLab unit before completing this set-up 



 In Orion Go to Parts (1) > Maintenance (2) > System Setup (3) > Stock (4)

And make sure the Stocktake export format is "CipherLab8000"


Make sure there are two files in the following location:

Use your Hosted file explorer to go to this location and create the files

SharedFolders > Exports > Stock Take

Local PC's

This will need to be done on all computers on which you want to use the CipherLab unit
The Software and Exe's will be supplied by Orion support

Software - the bridge

A piece of software will need to be install on each PC called "CP210x_VCP_Windows "

This is neededfor the unit to communicate to the PC


There are two exe's that will be supplied by Orion support that are needed on any local computer - these should be copied to: C:/CipherLab: