As at 14/05/2024:
It is becomming next to impossible to find a CipherLab unit
If you are unable to purchase one of THESE DEVICES, then the only option is to use an android device.

Here we will go through the method used when using a CipherLab stock tack scanner with a HOSTED Site 

Make sure you have set-up the system before trying this - 
See: [Orion] CipherLab - Setup Hosted Sites


Create the Stocktake and use the Export/Import button (1):


From Orion

1. Export File to your local PC - Export.txt

    Enter we suggest that this is C:\CypherLab

2. Program to Run After Export

   Needs to be blank

On your local PC

Run "Export.exe" (found in C:\CipherLab): 

The settings below are Sticky - Orion will remember them for the next time

  1. Enter the location 
    1. C:\Ciphelab\Export.exe
  2. Choose:
    1. Cradle-IR
  3. Select the correct COM Port
    1. Your Installer will help you with this 
  4. Check the Baud rate

Make sure the CipherLab unit is ready to receive the file BEFORE clicking on OK

Getting the CipherLab unit ready

On the unit go to 3 Utilities > 8 Load Lookup >

Counting items

To scan counts into the unit

  1. On the Hand unit go to 1. Collect > 1. Stocktake
  2. Scan an item (press the big Yellow button)
  3. Enter once (Blue button)
  4. Enter the Counted number & Enter again
  5. Press ESC twice to go to the main menu when finished.


Get the unit ready

On the CipherLab hand unit in the Main Menu go to 2. Upload > Stocktake

On your local PC

Use the Import.exe found in C:\CipherLab

The first time running this will have  window pop up.
The Orion installer will fill in the correct fields/settings and ensure it doesnt pop up again.

The Import.txt file will be saved to C:\CipherLab\Import.txt

Make sure you delete the stock take from the CipherLab unit once Imported

Into Orion

In "Maintain Stocktake" Clickkn the Export/Import button and then the Import tab

1. Import File name: Import

This can be picked up from your local PC

2. Program to Run Before Import

   Needs to be blank

Any counted items will have the "Counted" figures updated.

It is suggested that you sort by counted to see all uncounted stock items at the bottom:

Summary of Steps:

  1. Export the stock take from Orion 
    1. From Orion
  2. Copy "Import.txt" file to your local PC
    1. Via the CITRIX file explorer
  3. Copy the text file onto the CipherLab unit
    1. Run Export.exe from the LOCAL file explorer
  4. Complete the stocktake
    1. using the CipherLab unit
  5. Copy the stock take from the Unit to your local PC
    1. Run Import.exe from the LOCAL file explorer
  6. Copy "Export.txt" to the hosted server
    1. Via the CITRIX file explorer
  7. Import the count into Orion
    1. From Orion