It is important to know how many Items are available of any stock item

Stock Enquiry/Listing

The Stock Listing can be viewed while adding parts to an invoice (via Invoicing), when adding parts to and Order (via Orders), by clicking on Maintenance > Stock or directly via the Stock Enquiry button in the Parts department.

This listing will show the stock items for the departing you are have currently selected.

Right click menu

You are able to right click any selected part to view a menu of available actions, the unique action available to the Stock Listing is "View Availability At Other Departments" (1) 

View Availability At Other Departments

This will list all other departments that have a part with the same PART NUMBER - this includes workshops

Department availability will not show Workshops without the part already loaded/entered.
Therefore you cannot add parts to workshops via this method

  • The listing will show a company total (1), along with a breakdown of each department (2)
  • If the part number is not found in a department then there will be a note  **Part Number Not Found**
    • This does not include workshop departments
  • Use the Add Part button (3) to create the part in the department

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